Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm Here

Hello everyone, and I want to thank one of my friends for not letting me quit blogging, she insisted and I'm so glad she did because I don't think I could walk away from all of you.
Of course you all know this is Miss So Not June Cleaver!! God love her.

I'm trying to figure everything out, may take me a while but I will get there. I just wanted to post and tell you all how welcome I feel being here. Thanks for the hospitality.

I'm still working, usually laid off by this time of year but things are going well despite the economy? Tomorrow I am off and I plan on doing just a little decorating on the outside. I'm not doing a lot on the inside because as most of you know I'm going to my sisters for Christmas this year. I hate leaving Hayden , and the kids and grandkids, but it has been 30 years since I've been home for Christmas and this is the year I'm going!!! I am very excited about going, sharing memories with my sister when we were children and I think Mom will like it too.

I still have a few presents to buy and get wrapped and hopefully I will accompolished this feat this weekend???

For those of you who don't know me very well, I am an avid dog lover. Its been almost a year since I lost my last dog and I still miss them so. Not to avail I now have Benji who too was also a rescue and I love him dearly. Still can't find the right hair cut for him but still trying, although I revoked Hubby's dog grooming license a couple of weeks ago!!! He is finally growing out again. When I learn how to post a picture I will.

Ok, don't want to bore you to death with my first post, take care and know that I am so happy to be here .
As Ever,


Anonymous said...

HI PATSY. I found you. will be happy to visit you here or anywhere you are. Just check in with us when you can!! Hope you will be happy here too.
Take care.. I shall return soon! :)

Auntie Jane said...

I see you have worked out how to add a list of blogs you read. Hope the videos helped?

I hope you have a super Christmas with your sister and mother. Too late to spend Christmas with my mother as I lost her a couple of years ago. I'd love to spend it with my sister, but that would mean a trip to South Africa and I hate flying!

I don't think it's too hard to get a picture up. Just click on the pic symbol when you are writing a new blog. You should be able to find the pic on your PC. I haven't tried it yet either. I haven't worked out how to add a photo album either though I think there is a video showing you what you have to do on here.
I am looking forward to seeing a pic of your dog.

Kat said...

Yea!!! Thanks for voting with me!!!!

The Lady in Pearls said...

Look at you! Just blogging away in blogger! Way to go. Like I said, I really am glad you decided to stay.

That should be fun for you and your sister to be together for Christmas!

Noanie said...

Hi Pat, glad to see you are once again blogging and happy.
Good luck with your decorating - I started my tree and haven't had the time to finish it. Now I'm wondering why I even put up a tree since none of my kids will be over to see it! I guess I'll have to invite some friends over to enjoy it.

Jeankfl said...

How exciting to get to go home for Christmas!! You'll enjoy it, and you know your mom will, too. Glad you're blogging over here with us!!

BBB said...

Well, I found you my friend! Woohoo!! I am excited about your new digs over here.

I have only bought ONE present so far. I am SOOOOO far behind I may never catch up!!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your sister. Nothing is as fun as sharing those good memories!


JennyD said...

Arghhh. This is the 5th time I've tried to post. Not your fault, it's MSN. Every single time when I finished and clicked on publish, I'd get an error message that MSN had to close down. I'll just keep trying.
Well, Patsy, you're off and running on this site, and that's great. It's looking good, gal! Can't wait to see pictures when you find out how to do it. What I'd love is for you to keep some kind of notes on exactly how a person sets up a blogspot -- step by step. One of these days I think I'm going to need it, lol. What really ticks me off is that Spaces doesn't link to Blogspot. It makes so sense at all since Spaces is now linking to so many other blogging sites. It's all becoming a mind-blower. Curtis has been firing off emails to the Spaces techs and I'm going to ask him to include that question with his next letter to them.
Your Christmas trip sounds wonderful! After so long, you all are going to have a pure blast. Are you taking Benji with you? Is he going to be dressed as a Benji Santa? I'm only half way kidding there, lol. Either way, take LOTS of pics and have a great, great time if I don't talk to you before then.
Sure am glad to be able to keep up with you, my sweetie :D
(Blast it, it happened again.) Can't get my url in, so here it is:

Anonymous said...

THERE you are. I kept seeing you around Spaces..so I came back to find you.

Carole (Rambling On)