Saturday, February 14, 2009

Big Time Slacker

Yes that’s me Big Time Slacker. Don’t really have any excuse just didn’t fit it into my not so busy schedule. 

To bring you up to date on my not so busy life:  The job front is still looking bleak. We still don’t have a floor planner for our campers.  I go in once a week to open the mail, pay some bills and clean up after my boys.  We’ve applied to several banks still not luck on a bank taking our company on!  As I told most of you I want to retire next year, but if it keeps going the way it is I may retire this year only without social security.  I have a 401K but don’t want to dip into it as the stock market already has!!Hopefully I can draw low earnings or unemployment for a year??? Boy that’s wishing huh?

I’ve just about got all my spring cleaning done, I know its only February, but when spring comes I will be outside working on my flower beds and yard.  The weather has been hard on the landscape this winter, but I love the challenge of putting it back into shape. This is a picture of our last snow fall.DSCN2228 When we got this snow our neighbors Kentucky got ice and so many homes were with out power for several weeks and then last week we had this bad wind storm and again all of us were without power for a while. We were lucky we didn’t loose power.  However I did loose the tire covers on my camper still can’t find them!  LOL

My riding mower this past summer was using oil, not leaking but seems like I had to add oil every week.  So hubby and I loaded it up and took it to the dealer we purchased it from.  I thought I had owned it for about 5 or 6 years and the dealer pulled my card and I purchased it in 1998!!! Wow I could not believe that I’ve had that mower for 11 years!  Not bad then since this is the first time I’ve had it in the shop.  So I told the repairman to check everything out to just make sure I would be ready for the first grass cutting.  Yes I get excited cutting grass, in addition to the work of it, I love to sit on my porch and look at the results when I’m done.

Yes I am soooooooooo ready for spring and summer.  This has been a long winter and so cold.  I have a new humming bird feeder I got for my birthday and I can’t wait to put it up and watch those little guys feed from it.  I also feed the other birds all year long.  Hayden enjoys seeing the birds feed so needless to say they are eating good this winter.

Yesterday hubby, youngest daughter and I went shopping.  We all had a great time. She helped me pick out new linens for my bed and it was so much fun seeing her finding everything I need to put it all together.  This morning I actually put it all together and it turned out great or so I think. What do you think?  As you can see blues and yellows are my favorite colors.DSCN2232 I know it looks old fashion but I just like the simple looking things.  My bedroom suite is from the early 50’s, a inheritance from one of our Aunt and Uncle who we took care of until they passed away several years ago.  One day I will write about that experience.

Ok, I will not bore you any longer and I want to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day and hope you all had a great one.

One more thing I wrote this blog on windows live writer and if I get it over to my other site I will be so happy and Jane will be proud of me. LOL

Until Later,

Friday, January 30, 2009


Hi Dear Friends,
Sorry I have not posted on blogger lately, just been busy taking care of the sick. I did post on spaces today too, still haven't been able to get the hang of live writer, again need to read more!! Lord how I hate new stuff, but I love you guys over here too, so if you are interested here's whats happening in my part of the world!!!
"Slutting" is my new word when its snowing and sleeting at the same time, can you tell I have been cooped up for too long? I have been in this house taking care of the sick and watching it snow, sleet and/or both therefore "slutting". Ok, I'm done with that word.
I was so thankful I did not get that stomach flu and I might add it affected your bottom too!!! Hubby , grand daughter and Hayden all had it and yup you guessed it I was the official care taker. I hope I never see another person throw up for a long time!!! Especially at 3:00 am!!!
I didn't get it don't know why but am thankful, although Hubby made this remark I was too damn mean to get it!! what ever works is what I say. They are all doing better, it hit little Hayden real hard and he is still not 100% yet.
Although I have not worked in two weeks I have been keeping myself busy, In addition to cleaning poop, throw up, washing sheets etc; I manage to take down the old wall paper in little bathroom, paint and re-wall paper, made two afghans and cleaned out two closets!!!! I also made a dent in my office too, had to before I start doing taxes!!!
I did get out of the house today, went into our little town and yes I went to H*ll Mart and picked up supplies for the next snow that is suppose to hit on Monday!! Oh Joy!! I ran into an old friend and asked how are you doing and he pulled off his hat and showed me this big bump on his head and I might add it was scraped and blue, yup you guessed it "slutting" got him. Hit that snow and sleet in his driveway. He said he had a scan and everything was ok, but boy did it look bad. Ok, I was not through with the "word".
The pictures of snow are in my back yard and notice the tree with the red cardinal in it. They just stand out against all that snow and ice.
Ok, I hope everyone has a great weekend and your team wins the Super Bowl.
As Ever

Friday, January 16, 2009

Catch UP

Ok, I'm still on spaces and I apologize for not posting sooner over here, and my excuse is I can hardly get one blog going and then I feel so bad for not posting here after all the trouble my friend June went through to get me here, so with that being said let me catch you up if you are interested.

My Christmas with my sister was wonderful, we had a great time and she got me into walking, yes she walks everyday and not to miss a moment with her I walked too and now I'm addicted to it. I'm walking about two miles a day weather permitting.

Speaking of weather, it is so cold here this morning, its -2 degrees below zero. I know its colder in other parts of this great country, but thats cold for here . Brrrrrrrrrr.

Our New Years was good. I didn't make any resolutions, because I don't think I could keep them so why say something you're not going to do???

The new car did great going on my trip to my sisters. It got 40 miles to the gallon, and it really has the get up and go. Why is it with new cars they are sitting ducks for mishaps?? Its like there is a new car lets see if we can mess with it. What messed with mine was our basketball goal!! It fell over on it and dinged the hood down to the bare metal. Now I have to get the whole hood painted. Lets see the car is two months old! With that being said I thought OK now nothing else is going to happen to it because it has a ding!!! Not!! Went bowling Monday night and WV is known for its pot holes, well hubby hit the mother of pot holes and being the high tech car it is it told us in a constant beep :"you have a flat tire" over and over!!! So we pull over into a parking lot of a business so we could see how to change this tire!! Well thank goodness our son-in-law was with us, because hubby and I would have never gotten it changed on our own. It took the three of us to get this job accompolished. I read the book, son-in-law got the tire out of the trunk and hubby tried to figure where the jack went!!! After about 30 minutes and freezing it was changed!! It has all of this anti theft stuff even on the wheels??? On Tuesday took the tire to the tire shop and yes it had a big hole in it and $167.00 later I had a new tire!!! Ok , that is only two things, bound to be a third, because everything happens in three's!!!

To catch you up on the job front, I'm only working 1 day a week for now. We still don't have a bank to finance our campers, but we have a couple of good prospects. Keep your fingers crossed. However I am enjoying my time at home, getting a lot of stuff done to the house. Clearing clutter mostly!!!

Hayden is doing great, we had to take him to the Dr. last week he has caught a bad cold, but other than that he is so busy. Busy getting into every cabinet and thats when I see OMG you need to clean that out, so in his little way he is helping.

Benji is fine and his fur has grown back out and he looks good again. He and Hayden are best buds. Benji is so protective of him. The picture is of Hayden making sure Benji eats. I say picture because I have no idea where it will land on this blog??? Ok, I see it in the center of this post!!

My one friend told me how to do this and of course I did not retain that information.

Oh I almost forgot I turned another year older , not a bad birthday, in fact it was great. I got to spend it with my three kids and we all went out to eat and also is a picture for you to see the kids and me. Kids , they are all grown and I love them very much. They are so much fun.

Ok, you are caught up , even though I don't post very often I do check in on all of you. I also wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and may 2009 be the best ever for you.

As Ever,