Friday, January 16, 2009

Catch UP

Ok, I'm still on spaces and I apologize for not posting sooner over here, and my excuse is I can hardly get one blog going and then I feel so bad for not posting here after all the trouble my friend June went through to get me here, so with that being said let me catch you up if you are interested.

My Christmas with my sister was wonderful, we had a great time and she got me into walking, yes she walks everyday and not to miss a moment with her I walked too and now I'm addicted to it. I'm walking about two miles a day weather permitting.

Speaking of weather, it is so cold here this morning, its -2 degrees below zero. I know its colder in other parts of this great country, but thats cold for here . Brrrrrrrrrr.

Our New Years was good. I didn't make any resolutions, because I don't think I could keep them so why say something you're not going to do???

The new car did great going on my trip to my sisters. It got 40 miles to the gallon, and it really has the get up and go. Why is it with new cars they are sitting ducks for mishaps?? Its like there is a new car lets see if we can mess with it. What messed with mine was our basketball goal!! It fell over on it and dinged the hood down to the bare metal. Now I have to get the whole hood painted. Lets see the car is two months old! With that being said I thought OK now nothing else is going to happen to it because it has a ding!!! Not!! Went bowling Monday night and WV is known for its pot holes, well hubby hit the mother of pot holes and being the high tech car it is it told us in a constant beep :"you have a flat tire" over and over!!! So we pull over into a parking lot of a business so we could see how to change this tire!! Well thank goodness our son-in-law was with us, because hubby and I would have never gotten it changed on our own. It took the three of us to get this job accompolished. I read the book, son-in-law got the tire out of the trunk and hubby tried to figure where the jack went!!! After about 30 minutes and freezing it was changed!! It has all of this anti theft stuff even on the wheels??? On Tuesday took the tire to the tire shop and yes it had a big hole in it and $167.00 later I had a new tire!!! Ok , that is only two things, bound to be a third, because everything happens in three's!!!

To catch you up on the job front, I'm only working 1 day a week for now. We still don't have a bank to finance our campers, but we have a couple of good prospects. Keep your fingers crossed. However I am enjoying my time at home, getting a lot of stuff done to the house. Clearing clutter mostly!!!

Hayden is doing great, we had to take him to the Dr. last week he has caught a bad cold, but other than that he is so busy. Busy getting into every cabinet and thats when I see OMG you need to clean that out, so in his little way he is helping.

Benji is fine and his fur has grown back out and he looks good again. He and Hayden are best buds. Benji is so protective of him. The picture is of Hayden making sure Benji eats. I say picture because I have no idea where it will land on this blog??? Ok, I see it in the center of this post!!

My one friend told me how to do this and of course I did not retain that information.

Oh I almost forgot I turned another year older , not a bad birthday, in fact it was great. I got to spend it with my three kids and we all went out to eat and also is a picture for you to see the kids and me. Kids , they are all grown and I love them very much. They are so much fun.

Ok, you are caught up , even though I don't post very often I do check in on all of you. I also wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and may 2009 be the best ever for you.

As Ever,



Jane! said...

Well, that was just too much at once for my little brain to absorb! But I did enjoy it.
Did you know that you can post both places at once with Live Writer? Ask June, I'm pretty sure you can.
Good luck on the job front and stay warm you!

Auntie Jane said...

Now that was a great update blog... Like you I haven't been writing much about myself either lately.

Two things. I haven't played around enough yet to work out how to get a picture up on here.

And what Jane said. I saw that you could post to both Spaces and here too... But haven't worked that out either.

May be I should look in the Help! section a little more often... LOL

Glad you had such a super Christmas, New Year and Birthday. May 2009 be one of the best you have ever had with good health and the love of your family supporting you.

Anonymous said...

I want so much to remember to come here but when I'm on mind just stays there. :-(

Rambling On

Jeankfl said...

It's easy to use Live Writer to post both blogs.. Junie can set it up for you quick! Then just write a blog, and publish it both places! Glad you're using this one, too.. sounds like it's busy in your neck of the woods! 2 below?? No thanks!! I think 20 is plenty cold!LOL Have a good week!