Friday, January 30, 2009


Hi Dear Friends,
Sorry I have not posted on blogger lately, just been busy taking care of the sick. I did post on spaces today too, still haven't been able to get the hang of live writer, again need to read more!! Lord how I hate new stuff, but I love you guys over here too, so if you are interested here's whats happening in my part of the world!!!
"Slutting" is my new word when its snowing and sleeting at the same time, can you tell I have been cooped up for too long? I have been in this house taking care of the sick and watching it snow, sleet and/or both therefore "slutting". Ok, I'm done with that word.
I was so thankful I did not get that stomach flu and I might add it affected your bottom too!!! Hubby , grand daughter and Hayden all had it and yup you guessed it I was the official care taker. I hope I never see another person throw up for a long time!!! Especially at 3:00 am!!!
I didn't get it don't know why but am thankful, although Hubby made this remark I was too damn mean to get it!! what ever works is what I say. They are all doing better, it hit little Hayden real hard and he is still not 100% yet.
Although I have not worked in two weeks I have been keeping myself busy, In addition to cleaning poop, throw up, washing sheets etc; I manage to take down the old wall paper in little bathroom, paint and re-wall paper, made two afghans and cleaned out two closets!!!! I also made a dent in my office too, had to before I start doing taxes!!!
I did get out of the house today, went into our little town and yes I went to H*ll Mart and picked up supplies for the next snow that is suppose to hit on Monday!! Oh Joy!! I ran into an old friend and asked how are you doing and he pulled off his hat and showed me this big bump on his head and I might add it was scraped and blue, yup you guessed it "slutting" got him. Hit that snow and sleet in his driveway. He said he had a scan and everything was ok, but boy did it look bad. Ok, I was not through with the "word".
The pictures of snow are in my back yard and notice the tree with the red cardinal in it. They just stand out against all that snow and ice.
Ok, I hope everyone has a great weekend and your team wins the Super Bowl.
As Ever


Kat said...

Slutting, huh? Like that word actually, sorry your weather is sucking though :)

Jane! said...

I believe you are right - it should be called the stomach and BOTTOM flu! hehe.
Sorry you had to tend to the sickies - probably not much better than having it.
I'm sure you'll catch on to Live writer. We girls are smart like that.

Jeankfl said...

I love that.. slutting. Here in Oklahoma, we get a lot of slutting. We're right in between the areas to the north with more snow, and the areas to the south with more sleet.. Ours is melting right now, but we're supposed to get more next week.. hope not.. good luck with Live Writer.. once you figure it out, it's not hard.. it's just figuring it out!

Tracie said...

Slutting! I like it - good word!

I know nothing about live writer. Don't even know what it is ~

Auntie Jane said...

I love the word 'slutting'. We, here in the UK, have had a little - just a little - of it. We are supposed to see some snow very soon.

The only reason I like snow - and your back yard looks beautiful - is that my dogs just love it and I enjoy walking them and watching them play and run around in it.

You are so lucky not to have caught that dreadful bug. It sounds the same as the bug we have had over here. Not me, thank goodness, but a lot of other people. I have (as you know), quite enough trouble with the same symptoms without it actually being 'the big'!!! LOL

The Lady in Pearls said...

Slutting, poop and throw up all in the same week? Ick. You poor thing.